Uber Launches In-App Ads

No one likes waiting.

Waiting is wasted time.

Wasted time presents an opportunity to engage.

Uber have quietly launched its in-app ad experience, to which they call Journey Ads.

While you wait for your next Uber to arrive, you may see ads relevant to you.

Conversely though, many people don’t like ads.

At first glance, it appears Uber’s Ad Platform is mitigating ‘annoyance’ by leveraging contextual data to serve discovery ads that will be of interest – they’re doing a pretty good job of it.

As a result, this is a great opportunity for Uber to reduce time wastage by facilitating discovery to partnering brands.

For example, if you frequently travel to affluent addresses, such as high-end retailers, then Uber has an opportunity to gear ads towards this.

Advertisers are more conscious than ever about the context of their ads, so a platform like this is refreshing to see.

At Intender, our vision is to make advertising useful, not annoying. We will be trialling Uber Journey Ads as part of our digital inventory and will monitoring their effectivness at all stages of the funnel.

How do you feel about Uber Journey Ads? Would you use them as a marketer? If so, when?

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We make advertising useful not annoying.

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