Using Advertising Data Analysis to Remove Campaign Risk

If you’ve run an ad campaign before, then you have something invaluable. Data. This data is useful regardless of the success of your past campaigns. You can learn just as much from an ad set that was a complete failure as you can from one that generated a huge number of conversions – maybe even […]

Why CSR Is Your Most Important Marketing Channel for 2022

The year 2000 could be regarded as the birth of the digital age. It was a steep learning curve for us all, with many of us ‘winging it’ to this present day.  As we leave our teenage years behind, many of us wonder what maturity awaits us in our twenties. How will brands, marketers and […]

Paid Media Performance Manager Job (Noosa)

We’re looking for a Google Ads &/ Or Meta Ads Manager to join our growing Paid Team at Intender. You’ll be working on high-end national & international brands from Noosa, Sunshine Coast. INTENDER VISION & PURPOSE: Our goal is to make advertising useful, not annoying. To do this, we use an intent & interest geared approach […]

The Single Most Important Strategy for Growth in 2022

The marketing landscape is an ever-evolving one, and staying ahead of the curve is how you get an edge on your competitors.  In 2022, technology is going to have a huge impact on marketing. Marketers who embrace technological changes and shift to a customer-centric approach are going to see the biggest ROI. Here are the […]